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Crystilia Ixora
16 December 2015 @ 01:29 pm
Hi!!! I am called Crystilia here...Combination my real name and my class before. Ixora is one of my favorite flower. You can call me Crystilia or Ixora or my real name Illa, which one do you like.

My LJ may be filled with Fanfic, some HSJ or KAT-TUN downloads and other photoshop stuff. Feel free to browse here and take anything you like. But please like others, if you love HSJ and KAT-TUN like I do, do not repost  in streaming sites that will lead to deletion of the file. I don't want that and I know you too~

Do leave me comment  if taking to show me your love okay? ❤❤❤

Starting from 15 Aug 2016, anything I posted that contains download, I will make it public maybe one or two week and then lock it. If the file have password, I will give the hint. Don't worry it will be an easy password. I did this because I think I have gone "public" for too long XD.

I used adfly. I hope you guys don't mind. ∑(; ̄□ ̄A    Skip ads after 5 sec to download link.

So if you want to be friend with me just leave me a comment here or here introducing yourself so that I know you okay? Most importantly notice you! (*≧∀≦)ゞ

Below are some of my stuff in this LJ XD


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I do accept request for Photoshopping… Just leave comment anything you want to ask. Thanks!
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Crystilia Ixora
I got this from a friend!!! She's just soooo lucky!!!
I am really happy after encoded I got the size smaller the original size. And the making is less that 1G. XD

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Crystilia Ixora
18 August 2016 @ 02:44 pm
I got to watch this. I think maybe you want to...

Okay ICHI NI SAN ~ KYaaaaaa~~ Yabu already got the second time for unit song PV. I hope Ryosuke will have unit song PV as well (〃∇〃)

The video is really low quality from weibo & twitter. To get this PV and PVmaking is from the code from the DEAR. album and need to apply and it will be given by lottery!! So no luck~~ also the date to apply is already ended.

But if you still want to watch this, you can get the download link down here~ The download link is full PV by the way.

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Crystilia Ixora
18 August 2016 @ 12:32 pm
I got this from the website here. Of course it is in Japanese.

But when I translate it, it says that Ryosuke will have a new drama!! I am so excited. I don't really know if it correct but I attached the screenshot so that if anyone could undrstand more that me.

Of what I understand, Ryosuke will start filming in September. He will be a salesman of a toy company?? LOL~ (*≧∀≦)

Just read below ne?

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Crystilia Ixora
I have mentioned in my earlier entry that I also working on another set of Dear Wallpaper. I want to finish this before I start my Manufacturing Process Training next week and this Friday is the orientation.

So I thought "maybe" I might be busy, so I finished this earlier. The only hard part as usual is to combine two half scan photos into one. It is just a simple set of wallpaper also come from the same scan. The dimension is 1980px X 1409px.

Hope you all like it! (*≧∀≦)ゞ

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