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Crystilia Ixora
16 December 2015 @ 01:29 pm
Hi!!! I am called Crystilia here...Combination my real name and my class before. Ixora is one of my favorite flower. You can call me Crystilia or Ixora or my real name Illa, which one do you like.

My LJ may be filled with Fanfic, some HSJ or KAT-TUN downloads and other photoshop stuff. Feel free to browse here and take anything you like. But please like others, if you love HSJ and KAT-TUN like I do, do not repost  in streaming sites that will lead to deletion of the file. I don't want that and I know you too~

Do leave me comment  if taking to show me your love okay? ❤❤❤

Starting from 15 Aug 2016, anything I posted that contains download, I will make it public maybe one or two week and then lock it. If the file have password, I will give the hint. Don't worry it will be an easy password. I did this because I think I have gone "public" for too long XD.

I used adfly. I hope you guys don't mind. ∑(; ̄□ ̄A    Skip ads after 5 sec to download link.

So if you want to be friend with me just leave me a comment here or here introducing yourself so that I know you okay? Most importantly notice you! (*≧∀≦)ゞ

Below are some of my stuff in this LJ XD


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I do accept request for Photoshopping… Just leave comment anything you want to ask. Thanks!
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Crystilia Ixora
23 October 2016 @ 08:54 pm
Hellloooooo ☆~(ゝ。∂)

I know everyone is waiting for Cain to Abel subtitle for episode 1. But I have a bad new and a good new.
Which one should I tell first?

Okay the bad news is I think I not going to release my sub, eventhough actually my sub for 1st episode has entered the QC mode. Why?

It is because of the good news. I contacted aizawanikka earlier to ask for her to collaborate to sub Cain to Abel. She said is too busy because she is in the final year. But she found someone that who is a professional subber and free and willing to sub this drama. Yokatta. I think I better wait for her announement later about her release for the sub.I will ask the details later.

I am really sorry for everyone who is willingly to help me but I make a decision to wait for other subber. But I will still continue to provide the link if JDramaCity continue to upload next episode. Or else I will try find other sources. And please continue to be my friends ne!

For the time being, please enjoy Ryosuke's new wallpaper ne!!

With love,
illa deshita! σ(≧ε≦o)

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Crystilia Ixora
22 October 2016 @ 12:02 am
Like I said ealier, I am trying to ge permission to repost Cain to Abel episode here. But the blogger do not give me any answer yet. What will I do, I will post and will take it down this entry if permission is permitted. The blogger also said that the next episode will be continued to be uploaded if someone decide to do the sub. I try to do the sub if no one will pick it. The sub for ep 01 already 20% translated. I really appreciate if someone can help me QC the sub and also help me with difficult word and terms.My japanese level is not so good, but I try my best. For now, I give the link to the video first ne? Still I can't find the 720p version.

Please continue to read here regarding the sub ne?

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Crystilia Ixora
Hi Minna!! Do you watch the first episode of Cain and Abel?
hahah~ but this post is not about that~ The exact question is, have you watch the short PV of Fantastic Time?
I think this PV a little bit like Korean and look at Keito's hair~ KAWAII!!

If you want to download down there ne? ^___^

1. I currently try to get permission to repost Cain and Abel episode from jdrama blogspot.
2. I still searching for Cain and Abel HD video to make episode WP set. XD

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Crystilia Ixora
Hi!!! I thought of sharing this! I got from Doramax265 and I just uploaded it to my files in MEGA.
And furritsubs -san said she gonna do the sub!! Yatta!! Let's wait patiently and support her! She has so many things on her plate~

Download Link : MEGA
Decryption key :
Subtitle :1. Subscene (Thanks to SkewedS. They also subbed the first movie)
2. furritsubs

I encountered a few question of this video can't be played. What can I recommend is to use GOM Player or KMPlayer. Or you maybe can install K-Lite Codec Pack. This video being encoded with x265. This is similar to x264, the video is high quality and low in size. Hope this will helps you guys ne! ^___^
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